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I saw Rachel 2 months ago when I was literally stuck in a loop I saw no way out of…After the very first session I already felt a huge difference. I feel like a changed woman now, so much more positive about the future. I can’t thank you enough, Rachel. And I will definitely recommend you if I meet someone with the same problem.

Can’t believe the difference wow completely changed my life from the word go! D

So today I did a pregnancy test and it is positive so we are absolutely over the moon. Very excited…Thank you for all you have done for me to help me stay positive, only good news from now on.

I wanted to let you know that I did my blood test yesterday and we’re pregnant!!..
Thank you so much for all of your precious help so far and I’ll keep you posted!!

My first session with Rachel was incredibly powerful. She would constantly make sure we had completely tackled that one matter before moving on to the next one, and did so with total committment and genuine care. She was able to help me see clearly which mental patterns I had been stuck with since childhood and work on them to create new, healthier ones. The bespoke recording Rachel created for me to listen to twice a day are invaluable and I can clearly sense the power of the words and phrases Rachel has chosen in the reprogramming of my mental patterns. Very professional and deeply committed and dedicated. I highly recommend anyone to turn to Rachel for help in facing lifes challenges and to have a more fulfilling life.


Amazing!! Thank you for the beautiful work we are doing. It is definitely having great effects on me and in such a little time!


I can’t believe the change already I feel constantly positive all the time! I am listening to the recording day and night and it makes a difference thank you so much.


I should have come to see you ages ago, I feel so different about things now I can’t believe it myself laughing The recording you sent me is brilliant.


I sought professional hypnotherapy with Rachel to help me to cope with severe anxiety. I have had 2 sessions and have listened to the recordings after each session and on an ongoing basis. Rachel has helped me to put in positive responses to cues that would normally trigger anxiety. It has helped to set me free from the chains of anxiety.


I went to see this lady Tuesday the 5th February and she saved my life I know when to give advice as I’m in to top 2 percent on trip advisor for reviews this lady is brilliant so thank you Rachel


I have not even thought about a cigarette since the session. Even though my wife still smokes it no longer has any affect on me. Thank you so much for your help.


I just wanted to tell you our good news. We’ve had a positive pregnancy test 😊
We’re delighted, really delighted & I truly believe my session with you has helped make it happen. My thinking has changed lots & I’m focused on staying positive.


Working with Rachel was a breath of fresh air, fantastic reaction and genuine empathy
Was so pleased to have been able to work with Rachel


Matt and I had been under the hospital for 4 years due to miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy but told there was not a problem. I felt so stuck..

I met with Rachel on New Years Day …new year new start. We chatted about what had been going on and Rachel said ‘if there’s no physical issue then it must be psychological’.

Rachel and I set some dates and the hypnosis started, I couldn’t wait to see what it was all about! She was so amazing and so dedicated to help.

In between meeting her for hypnotherapy I took every bit of advice she offered, listened to her recordings and read books she recommended, I was all in! In May I took a pregnancy test which confirmed our wish…a few months on I am now 22 weeks pregnant and looking forward to our new addition. Our dream is coming true, and I wholeheartedly believe it’s because of Rachel, her approach and her dedication….we will be eternally grateful!


I recently had a session with Rachel. I highly recommend her. I had felt stuck, without hope and could not see a way forward. Rachel helped me to get to my core beliefs and change them. I feel very optimistic about life now and know I have choices. She is very professional and has such a soothing voice, putting you at ease. Thank you Rachel.


Hypnotherapy with Rachel has been a far more rewarding experience that I expected. Rachel put me at ease from the get-go, allowing me to feel comfortable to open up and begin understanding the reasons for my negative eating habits and self confidence issues.

By working through my issues in our sessions and from the follow up support I have received from Rachel, I am now more aware of my bad habits and the triggers behind them. I am now far more in control of my eating habits, am partaking in more exercise and feel I have more energy. This has led me to be happy, positive and confident. I am now leaner and fitter and feel that I am at the beginning of an exciting new chapter in my life. Thank you so much Rachel!!


After having our first child I was struggling to lose the last bit of baby weight, when a friend recommended Rachel for hypnosis. I had one session and was left with a recording to listen to every evening. I couldn’t have been happier wIth the results.

Not only did I finally lose the weight I had a more positive view on myself, body image and weight loss. I would highly recommend to anyone for a professional and effective treatment.


I wanted to write to say thankyou for you help with my intense fear of spiders. Your hypnotherapy technique was incredible. The session was very professional, relaxed and comfortable and the audio you sent me home with has proved invaluable. At last I have overcome my fear and for me it is life changing.

I would highly recommend you. Thanks again.


I saw Rachel nearly a year ago in the hope that she could treat my eczema which I have had since childhood. Despite trying many different types of conventional and alternative therapies over the years it had not cleared. Rachel is such a kind and caring person and I instantly felt at ease with her. Using RTT we got to the ‘root cause’ which was the trigger for the eczema. The whole process was relaxing and empowering at the same time! I also got a personalised recording to listen to daily for 21 days. This helped reinforce the new positive behaviour patterns Rachel had introduced in our session. My eczema cleared up almost immediately and since that one session has gone completely. I have no hesitation in recommending Rachel, she is an amazing therapist and RTT is immensely powerful.


“I have had weight issues throughout my entire life. Previously to working with Rachel I have had two sessions of RTT, the first for Weight Loss and the second for Motivation To Exercise, both of which helped but didn’t go far enough to make me want to change my ways.

I couldn’t understand why I didn’t care enough about myself to put me and my health first, this is when I decided to have a third session on Self Worth. I can honestly say it’s been the most impactful session I’ve had to date.

Not only have I joined a gym which I use at least four times a week but I’ve also made small but positive changes to my diet and how I view food. I feel more positive about what I deserve as a human being and the impact of this has been much wider than just the health benefits.

As the weight loss is what I was focusing on and most people want to know if it works I don’t mind sharing that since my session with Rachel I have lost 9lbs in just over a month in a sustainable, healthy and balanced way that I haven’t found difficult. My focus has changed from the task of losing weight, which had negative connotations for me, to the hugely positive task of caring enough about myself to make good choices on a daily basis.

I couldn’t recommend Rachel enough. “
Anon, 40, London

Rachel is a brilliant therapist, she has such a kind, gentle and non judgemental nature I always felt very relaxed and safe during my sessions with her. I have overcome many bad habits thanks to Rachel AND lost a stone in weight having overcome a sugar addiction and changed my relationship with food completely…I’m so delighted and SO grateful to Rachel for helping me with this using Rapid Transformational Therapy and I would highly recommend this method with Rachel for any issue you wish to address as she will give you 100% attention to meet your needs whatever they are..


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