If you have been trying to have a baby for much longer than you would have liked, then there is one thing you can be sure of.

It’s time to try something new!

I salute you. It can be heartbreaking, soul destroying and stressful to say the least when disappointment comes every month. Still… here you are, getting on with life and still hopeful enough to be reading this page.

If you have been told you have Unexplained Infertility or you have experienced failed IVF cycles then it’s time to try something different. You have nothing to lose because what you have been doing isn’t working. Going around in circles is getting you nowhere but frustrated, when there IS another way.

The Mind Body Approach


Have you worked on your mind? Don’t worry I’m not talking about positive thinking. I’m talking about taking a deep dive to see if there could be any subconscious ‘blocks’ lurking unnoticed affecting your biology.

How interesting is that! Best of all, by signing up for the Top Ten Fears Report YOU CAN START NOW!


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