Fertility Mindset Expert. Who is Rachel?

This is probably a bit late but I’ve decided that it might be a good idea to introduce myself properly and tell you a bit about who I am and why one of my favourite things is to help women to have babies!

On the South Coast of the UK

I am based in Gosport, which is a small town on the south coast of England. It’s located on the opposite side of Portsmouth Harbour and I consider it a hidden gem. Stokes Bay is our pebbly beach that has a view of the Isle of Wight and an ever changing parade of water based traffic to catch the eye. Cruise liners and French ferries pass by and we can see the Isle of Wight ferries and hovercraft zipping across the Solent framed by Horse Sand Fort. We have a life boat station and sailing club and in the last couple of years kayaks and paddleboards have been made available to hire so these have joined the water too.

Wishing the Days Away

I am lucky enough to live within walking distance of the Bay and I do my best to make the most of it. I didn’t always have as much time because I spent 10 years working in Finance wishing the days away, feeling trapped in the office and living for holidays.

This meant that when I got a chance to be trained by Marisa Peer in Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) I jumped straight in. I had hypnotherapy as a teenager so I knew from my own experience that it was powerful, and I turned to it again as an adult, for both myself and my children.

Award Winning Therapy Technique

Marisa paid close attention to the therapy techniques that got results and has combined the most effective principles from hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, and CBT to create her unique method and she has achieved phenomenal success in helping women overcome infertility.

I became a Fertility Mindset Expert after helping a friend have the baby she had been so desperately wanting. I had the amazing privilege of helping her discover and resolve what was blocking her fertility. She had suffered nine miscarriages, an ectopic pregnancy and spent a year trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant again when we started our work together. When I got to meet the gorgeous baby born as a result I was hooked!

Our minds are phenomenally powerful.

They are in charge of keeping us alive on the planet and everything we need to know is sitting there inside of us. RTT® is amazing at getting to this information in a much shorter time period than traditional therapy. It’s a very direct method that cuts to the chase and I work with my clients to unpick, unravel and resolve anything that is conflicting with their desire to have a family so that their unconscious and conscious desires match and their mind has clear instructions.


My own experience was a bit different. I didn’t struggle to conceive but my first daughter was prematurely stillborn, so I understand grief. Grief is a very real factor for couples and for women who are effectively grieving for a life they thought they were going to have as a mum, and that they feel is disappearing from view or just out of reach, as well as for their own losses. I’ve felt the raw sense of injustice and the pain of seeing other women with the babies that came easy to them. However, I also know the love, joy and connection of being a mum and how precious that is.

Motherhood is a part of the human experience that every woman should have the chance to choose. It’s the biggest buzz ever to help another woman to create and sustain life. How could I not love it?!


My other favourite thing is helping clients to resolve Post Traumatic Stress and the resulting anxiety. Again, this is a big life changing result for clients male and female and it also dovetails nicely with fertility work.

Unravelling and Reprogramming

For many years we had no understanding of neuroplasticity and sufferers had to do just that, ‘suffer’. Thank goodness our understanding of the mind body connection and the field of neuroscience has taken big strides forward and people can get their lives back now. Because we know how trauma is encoded differently in the brain it can be unravelled and reprogrammed with careful work now. I love being a part of that process for someone.

You Get to Choose

I guess what I love to achieve for my clients is to give them choices. For them to be able to live the kind of life they want for themselves free of limits imposed by past experiences and conditioning. For them to be able to perceive of and choose from the full menu of human life including motherhood 💛🌈

If you think you’d like a free no obligation chat to see if I could help you too then click here to book a call or use my contact page to get in touch.

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